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Zostają góry -

Zostają góry - "The mountains remain"

Wydawnictwo Góry Books, 2010

A collection of stories and columns by Piotr, which over the years have been published mainly in the "Góry" magazine. The collected texts show the development of Piotr's mountain career. The publication is filled with beautiful photographs taken by Piotr himself. The publisher has maintained a selection of photos consistent with the author's choice. The book is additionally enriched with the memories of Himalayan climbers who were friends with Piotr. The memories were written by: Krzysztof Wielicki, Simone Moro, Peter Hamor, Darek Załuski and Piotr Pustelnik. In this book, the reader will also find a very personal memoir written by Piotr's wife, Olga

Od początku do końca -

Od początku do końca - "From the beginning to the end"

Wydawnictwo G+J RBA Sp. z o. o., 2010

A dual-narrative story of the lives of Piotr and Olga Morawski. The part told by Piotr consists of notes from journals kept during mountain expeditions. Olga wrote her part after her husband's death. These are her memories of life, mainly in Warsaw. In this way, a comprehensive story was created, showing not only Piotr's mountain and domestic life, but also a tale of living with a man who had a great passion.

Góry na opak,
 czyli rozmowy o czekaniu -

Góry na opak,
 czyli rozmowy o czekaniu - "Mountains upside down, or conversations about waiting"

Wydawnictwo: Burda Książki, 2011

Conversations about waiting, passion, love and sacrifice. Conversations about Andrzej Zawada with his wife Anna Milewska * about Maciej Pawlikowski with his wife Elżbieta * about Eugeniusz Chrobak with his wife Grażyna Jaworska-Chrobak * about Darek Załuski with his mother Irena * about Dobrosław Miodowicz-Wolf with her brother Konstanty Miodowicz * about Wanda Rutkiewicz with her brother Michał Błaszkiewicz * about Piotr Pustelnik with his son Paweł * about Andrzej Heinrich with his brother Stefan * about Andrzej Czok with his wife Wanda * about Jerzy Kukuczka with his son Wojtek.

Góry na opak 2, czyli rozmowy z tymi, co zostają -

Góry na opak 2, czyli rozmowy z tymi, co zostają - "Mountains upside down 2, or conversations with those who remain"

Wydawnictwo: Burda Książki, 2011

In 2011, the book “Mountains upside down, or conversations about waiting” was published - a collection of conversations by Olga Puncewicz - then Morawska - with the families of famous Himalayan climbers. Since then, the author still felt that she had to do something more, describe the loneliness, the futile waiting, the sleepless nights of those left behind, the mourning. The curiosity of the people who experience it gave rise to another book. There were several moving conversations about the past and what life is like a few years after the loss of a loved one. As in the first book, the author talked both with those who lost someone close to them in the mountains, and with the one person this time, who is waiting when her only daughter leaves. Discover the stories of fantastic people. See that there is life after loss. Feel the power of waiting with faith that everything will be fine. Listen to conversations with the background characters.

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