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Piotr Morawski - Bio


Piotr Morawski was born on December 27, 1976 in Warsaw. His father had a PhD degree in chemistry and his mother was a photo lab technician. It is significant that as an adult, Piotr also received a PhD degree in chemistry, he was excellent at taking photos, and photography was one of his passions.

Piotr was an only child. He spent all summer holidays at the Polish seaside with his parents. He went nine times to Chałupy, to a popular camping site number 3. When he was in primary school, he took up cycling, inspired by his parents who were great fans of this sport.

After that, he dreamed about a good professional bicycle for many years, but he never fulfilled that dream. When he was in 4th grade of high school, he went to the mountains with his school friend. He fell in love with the Tatra Mountains. After finishing high school, he took a general climbing course and a course of climbing in the Tatras. Climbing became his hobby. He studied chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology and planned to become a scientist. He obtained the master degree with distinction and went on to receive a PhD degree.

He married Olga in 2001.

In March 2005, he received his PhD in chemistry and began to work as an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology. His first son, Ignacy, was born in the same year, and his second son, Gustaw, two years later.

Piotr ran in marathons and took part in adventure rallies. When he travelled around Warsaw, he always rode his bike, irrespective of the season and the weather conditions. He was interested in photography and prepared amazing slideshows.

He liked writing and he published his memoirs from the expeditions in various adventure and mountaineering magazines. From 2008 onwards, he had his own column in the “Góry” (“Mountains”) magazine. He also liked cats.

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